Natwest Pigs are collectable piggy banks issued by banking giant Natwest for child savings accounts.  They where originally manufactured by Sunshine Ceramics but they where unable to cope with the high demand and so production was passed on to Wade Ceramics.  Natwest first started issuing the piggy banks in 1982.
The family originally consisted of 5 members, Sir Nathaniel, Lady Hillary, Maxwell, Annabel and baby Woody.  Each one was issued depending on the balance of the child savings account.
Around 1998 a new edition was added to the family, Cousin Wesley, he is much rarer than the other members of the family as only 5,000 where produced and he was only issued when a Childrens Bond was opened with an investment of £1,000.
The collection started with Woody who was awarded when an account was opened with a minimum of £6.  After 6 months if the account contained at least £25 Annabel was issed, and after a year is the balance was £50 Maxwell was recieved.  If at 18 months the account held £75 Lady Hillary was sent and at 2 years if the balance was £100 Sir Nathaniel appeared.
Over 5 million pigs where issued, but not all children recieved a full set due to the balance required, so Lady Hillary and Sir Nathaniel rarer than the other pigs.  I was lucky enough though to get a full set as were my brothers and sister.
Natwest Pigs have become highly collectable and can fetch several hundred pounds particularly cousin wesley.  Be aware though that there are a number of fakes on the market, partcularly for cousin wesley, but also a white version of Sir Nathaniel and gold versions of the family.
Please browse our site for more information on individual family members and also for information on fake natwest pigs.